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For Babiesí Sake Moms is a free mom-to-mom support group and meets every Thursday evening at 7:00pm. We meet at:

Grace Covenant Church
3402 W Interstate 20
Arlington, TX 76017

For information, call (657) BF-HELP-1 or email info.forbabiessake@gmail.com.

For Babies' Sake Moms is for expectant moms and moms with babies from birth to 12 months. We support breastfeeding beyond 12 months 110%, however, because less than 25% of moms in the USA reach the minimum recommendation of 12 months breastfeeding, our goal is to support moms during this vulnerable time. Please note that we are not able to provide one-on-one consultation in this setting. If you need to see a lactation consultant, please schedule a private consultation or come to one of our Latch Clinics, offered once a month. See the Services tab for more information.

Support for new mothers, especially with breastfeeding is of vital importance.  Before the prevalence of bottle-feeding, women learned about breastfeeding in a natural way from other women around them. In today's society, most of us have grown up seeing bottle feeding as the norm and receive less support for breastfeeding. We strongly encourage new mothers to seek out other breastfeeding women for support.  Studies show that women who are supported by their partner, their family and their peers are much more likely to have a satisfying breastfeeding experience.  I have seen this proven over the last several years in the For Babiesí Sake group.  The women who have come through the group have overcome breastfeeding issues with the help of other women who have become friends, encouragers and supporters.  One of the more interesting phenomena we have seen with the group is that the women who come during pregnancy tend to experience fewer problems, and have an easier time overcoming those problems than women who have not attended a breastfeeding group prenatally.   

The post-partum period is one of the most difficult times in a womanís life to learn and retain new information, so the more breastfeeding information she can soak in during pregnancy, the easier it will be to continue breastfeeding. If you would like to try it out for yourself, come visit our For Babiesí Sake Moms' Group.

Other sources of support in the D/FW area: 

La Leche League of Texas







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