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    In-office Consultation

    This is a good option for:

    • hands-on help
    • full oral & physical assessment of infant
    • hands-on assessment of breast-related issues
    • in-person learning
    • weighing baby, or measuring intake at the breast
    • when your home is not in our service radius

    In every consult, we work with you to create a care plan unique to you and your little one and refer to other providers, such as bodyworkers, various therapists, or dentists/doctors, as needed.

    Some topics appropriate to an office setting:

    • breastfeeding management
    • latch and positioning
    • oral ties
    • milk transfer
    • weight assessment
    • bottle feeding
    • pumping optimization
    • breast/nipple concerns
    • improving feeding after oral tie release
    • twins *


    • 90-120 minute initial visit – $190
    • 90 minute follow up visit – $170 (for established clients only)
    • 30 minute check-in or weight check visit – $55 (for established clients only)

    * additional $100 fee for twins due to additional time needed for consult