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    In-office Consultation

    This is a good option for:

    • hands-on help
    • full oral & physical assessment of infant
    • hands-on assessment of breast-related issues
    • in-person learning
    • weighing baby, or measuring intake at the breast
    • when your home is not in our service radius

    In every consult, we work with you to create a care plan unique to you and your little one and refer to other providers, such as bodyworkers, various therapists, or dentists/doctors, as needed. In each visit we address the highest priority items that time allows. Multiple visits are often needed to address complicated situations. In addition, lactation needs often change as time goes on and future visits might be needed to discuss returning to work, bottle feeding, starting solids, ongoing milk production, etc. It is not uncommon to need 3 or more visits.

    Some topics appropriate to an office setting:

    • breastfeeding management
    • latch and positioning
    • oral ties
    • milk transfer
    • weight assessment
    • bottle feeding
    • pumping optimization
    • breast/nipple concerns
    • improving feeding after oral tie release
    • twins *


    • 60-90 minute initial visit – $190
    • 45-60 minute follow up visit – $170 (for established clients only)
    • 30 minute check-in, wound check, or weight check visit – $55 (for established clients only)

    * additional $100 fee for twins due to additional time needed for consult