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    Special Situations

    Most often, people think of seeing a lactation consultant for help with latching, tongue tie issues, or milk supply issues. There are many other situations where our skill set can be valuable as well.

    • Inducing lactation for adoption or surrogacy
    • Relactation or a return to breastfeeding after a period of weaning
    • Suck training following oral releases for a bottle feeding baby
    • Bottle feeding, particularly with babies reluctant to take a bottle, babies unable to take a bottle, or babies physically uncomfortable taking a bottle
    • Individual instruction on starting solids
    • Back to work planning
    • Tandem feeding or nursing multiple children
    • Weaning instruction
    • Breastfeeding after previous breast surgery
    • Private prenatal instruction

    All of these situations can be addressed in virtual, in-office, or in-home consultations.  Choose the type of consult that best fits your needs.