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    Our Services

    We strive to offer exceptional feeding support to families in our community on their infant and toddler feeding journey. We recognize that many of the challenges that affect breastfeeding have the potential to impact mothers and babies throughout their lives. Our passion for helping with breastfeeding difficulties has led us to a more functional approach of identifying root causes, thinking out of the box, and a more holistic practice. Over the years, we have built strong relationships with other types of providers in our community. This gives us confidence when we need to refer you for complimentary care as we uncover the root causes at the heart of your breastfeeding difficulties.

    Virtual Consultation

    Telehealth visit on computer, tablet, or smartphone with a personalized care plan.

    In-office Consultation

    In-person consultation with a personalized care plan.

    In-home Consultation

    In-home consultation with a personalized care plan.

    Classes and Special Situations

    Prenatal Classes, Inducing Lactation, Weaning, Starting Solids, Bottle Feeding, Back to Work