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    Kendra Bina

    This group of women is BEYOND amazing! They heve helped me reach all of my breastfeeding goals with my son and have tought me more than I would have thought possible! My son and I owe them our newly 2 year nursing relationship!

    Janea Johnson

    This is the BEST lactation consultant around! She is independent and uses common sense, evidence-based approach to breast feeding education. If you have any obstacles, call her before you follow the sometimes misguided advice you may get elsewhere...especially if they tell you to supplement formula. Breastfed babies growth chart is not the same as formula fed babies. Take her class before you deliver and it will blow your mind! I'm so glad I had her as a resource:) my baby is 15 weeks old and has never had a bottle or formula. I've sent friends to her and they all agree she's AMAZING! If you plan to breast feed, plan to learn from Melanie Sheppard!

    Mara Lee Miller

    I just wanted to say I am so thankful for Deirdre Cannon. She came over when my baby was just 10 days old. I was having horrible breastfeeding problems despite being very well prepared. I had also already spoken with two lactation consultants, both of whom were very helpful but Deirdre really helped me fix the problem. I was in tears when she arrived. She stayed longer than required and texted and emailed me immediately after the visit answering all my questions for days. She was also very comforting and assured me we could work through it. I did not think I would be able to breast feed without severe pain. I was also severely damaged from my daughters tongue tie and poor latch. Now my little one is 3 weeks and 4 days and I am pain free and breast feeding is EASY. The healing happened so fast that I am shocked and never expected to be at this point until months down the road. Thank you so much, Deirdre!

    Annmarie Randazzo

    She was the one and only person after numerous people who saw my son that found out he had a lip and a tongue tie. Before that l our nursing experience was a nightmare!! I'm so grateful that I found her although I wish it was sooner. She will go above and beyond to serve you and your family so yes I absolutely recommend her.

    Sydney Williamson

    Amazing! Mellanie is a wealth of knowledge, Deirdre is wonderful, and I love how caring and compassionate Kara is. The best IBCLCs around! I refer everyone to see them!

    Josette Clark

    I had 3 LC'S, 2 doctors, and an ENT tell me my son did NOT have a tongue tie. I've had severe nipple pain for 5 weeks! It's been a really hard road. Luckily I got to see Mellanie and she told me I was right and he did have one. There's finally a light at the end of the tunnel and I don't feel crazy anymore.

    Lorraine Tune

    I don't know what I would've done without the ladies at For Babies Sake, I remember walking in to the meeting in tears with my eight day new baby and Deirdre rushed over to me and helped me without judgement. We nursed for 2.5 years and I owe it all to this beautiful group of women.

    Whitney Lott

    Had a consult with Kara and she discovered my 9 month olds lip tie when several people had already looked and failed to notice it. So glad we can fix this problem and improve our breastfeeding relationship. Thanks Kara!

    Amanda Cuyler

    I absolutely love this company! The IBCLC I saw was so helpful. I definitely would not have made it this far in my breastfeeding relationship with my four month old if it wasn't for her and I can now see myself making it to a year!

    Lauren Sasser

    I can't begin to explain how thankful I am. After 5 weeks of excruciating pain and severe nipple damage, I finally contacted these ladies and met with Deirdre. She saw the tongue and lip tie no one else had noticed and saved our breastfeeding relationship. I'm not sure how much longer I would have lasted and I have always wanted to breastfeed as long as possible! We met Deirdre on a Tuesday, had the tongue and lip tie released on that Thursday and met with Dr. Roop the next Tuesday. In one week, my tears of pain during feedings became tears of joy. My wounds have completely healed and I even nurse in public now when I dreaded it before. Thank you thank you THANK YOU for your genuine care and incredible expertise.

    Haley Wright

    I highly recommend For Babies Sake lactation consultants. Deirdre Cannon is definitely the reason I am still breastfeeding. She has great knowledge and was able to point out issues very quickly. She took time with us, and I felt very valued. She didn't minimize any of my concerns and went above and beyond my expectations.

    Courtney Facundo

    I met with Deirdre today and can't possibly say enough positive things. She's warm, and welcoming and i felt completely comfortable. She listened extensively to all of my issues...and offered up a ton of useful information. She spent tons of extra time with us and helped me to formulate a plan based on my expectations for personal breastfeeding journey. She's got a TON of knowledge not just for breastfeeding, but for how to help our bodies function optimally. She was fantastic and i wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to any breastfeeding mommy.

    Stephanie Ulrich

    For Babies' Sake has been my lifeline for over 13 years now! The consultants are so sweet and caring. My youngest baby lost weight after birth and was not regaining. These ladies were there to help me through the tough time we had going through refusing to nurse for a weekend, pumping, a tie diagnosis and revision, multiple food sensitivities, a change in pediatricians, a hospital stay, supplementing with formula, weaning off the formula, and I know they are still there if any issues arise with my 22 month old that doesn't seem to be giving up her "milkies" any time soon! Picture added because it shows my first baby--I started going to For Babies' Sake meetings while pregnant with him--and my last baby--the troublemaker I wouldn't trade for the world.

    Tara Sanger

    The For Babies Sake Support Group has been the foundation of my successful nursing journeys for both of my kids. When Hunter was born, he was immediately diagnosed with a tongue tie in the hospital by our pediatrician. We did the scissor revision at the ENT's office when he was two weeks old and started weaning off the nipple shield. When he started daycare at eight weeks old, a daycare mom invited me to FBS Tuesday night meeting. Wow! These moms are full of information. Who knew better than these moms the information I'd need along my nursing journey. Naya Weber, Kara Rosales Ibclc, and Mellanie Sheppard Ibclc all observed and provided input as well. My goal was to nurse Hunter to two years. I got pregnant before then with Carter. Cool. I can tandem nurse! Although my doctor advised against me nursing while pregnant, I received support from this group about pros and cons. I delivered Carter and was relieved to have my milk come in so quickly. He and Hunter nursed well together. When Carter was three months and Hunter 2.5, I decided it was time to wean Hunter. We both were ready and I was ready. Again, this group helped me through this milestone. I thought all was well until my supply dropped drastically. Carter wasn't gaining like he should. Kara did a house call, something I needed as I was home with both boys while my husband worked that Saturday. She suspected Carter had a posterior tongue tie and a lip tie. I consulted with Preetha Thomas at Enclave Dental and she confirmed. Through laser revision, Kara's evaluation and stretching exercises, and hearing similar stories, mom to mom, I nursed Carter until he was nine months. He chose to wean, he chose to start solids, and I was happy as this was at his pace. I'm thankful I nursed over three years. Although my nursing days are most likely behind me, I am sure to share with other new parents the information learned from For Babies Sake. It's kind of a new passion to help other parents become successful. Successful nursing relationships look different to different people, something I learned here. Thank you all!

    Johnette Owens

    There are no words to do justice for what Deirdre and For Babies Sake have done for my son and I, or that will be able to express the tremendous thanks I have. At two weeks old my son still had not gained back his birth weight and the Dr. told me I needed to start formula. I was desperate for other options so I contacted Deirdre Goodman Cannon Ibclc and she got me in the next day. Within minutes she had diagnosed my son with a Tongue and Lip Tie that three hospital lactation consultants and my pediatrician did not see. She didn't just diagnose and send us on our way though, she did a full assessment of his latch, our nursing positions, our history, etc. and spent well over the designated time with us. She discussed treatments option, what to do in the meantime and even comforted me while I cried over the knowledge that I was unknowingly starving my child. Never once in the multiple contacts I have had with her have I felt like I was a bother her or that my questions/concerns weren't important to her. I had heard others call Deirdre and angel and I fully believe it! She was there for us well beyond just our hour consultation and she so lovingly handled my first time mom concerns. I am eternally grateful for what she has given me and my son. I don't just owe her my sons nutrients, I owe her the amazing bond we now share. Nursing is an incredibly hard road and I would never have been able to navigate it alone. I will forever sing the praises of the ladies at For Babies Sake and their invaluable breastfeeding wisdom!

    Brooke Harralson

    I've seen the For Babies Sake ladies with both of my kids who both didn't latch at all for the first 2 weeks of their lives. I have a good amount of experience with breastfeeding because I was trained in it for my doula work. However, these ladies had even more great ideas than I could have even thought of. They opened my eyes to new techniques and new care options for my babies. I credit them entirely for me being able to nurse my babies. I couldn't have done it without them.

    Charlotte Trice

    I saw Deirdre Goodman Cannon Ibclc when my baby was 7 days old. We were using a nipple shield and dealing with weight loss after being discharged from the hospital. My pediatrician gave me horrible advice which was also contributing to our difficulties. At our appointment, my LO was diagnosed with a lip and tongue tie. Deirdre gave me a plan of action with clear and concise recommendations. I also had a private consultation about a week after our revision. At that time I was diagnosed with low milk supply. Deirdre helped me get blood work and determine the causes of my supply issues and encouraged me to come to Tuesday night group meetings. I went for several months for weighted feeds and support. It was amazing! I met so many other mommas there that fully understood our struggles. Deirdre was our guardian angel and has continued to support me through my journey. Although my breastfeeding relationship and experience certainly wasn't what I always thought it would be, Deirdre helped me get to a place of acceptance and I was able to breastfeed for 9 months! I'm so happy I found For Babies Sake and I recommend these ladies to ANY new momma that is struggling. Their knowledge and support can't be matched!

    Catherine Elizabeth Bishop

    I first saw Mellanie when my daughter was 10-days-old. I had been having an awful time nursing, I was in toe-curling pain at basically every feeding. I had seen 4 different LCs at the hospital and later 1 LC through our first pedi's office, and had been told conflicting things (such as using a nipple shield) and still didn't have a solution to our issues. I was discouraged and my husband had been suggesting we switch to formula since he knew the pain and me crying during each feeding wasn't healthy. Thankfully I reached out to LLL instead and they referred me to Mellanie. Though we realized that my daughter had a tongue and lip tie, Mellanie was able to give me latch tips and show me positions so that I wouldn't be in pain. Eventually we decided to move forward with a revision due to my daughter's reflux and other symptoms. For Babies' Sake prepared me with pre and post care instructions as well as their wonderful closed customer group in Facebook, which has been a great resource. After revision, I did a latch clinic with Mellanie and later another one with Deirdre and Kara. With all of their help I was able to wean my daughter from the nipple shield and nurse pain-free. They have also been there for other parts of my journey, like returning to work, pumping, teething, etc. I enjoyed the Birth Boot Camp M.R.E. DVD too. When I went in for that first appointment, I didn't even have a goal for nursing. As I write this, my daughter is 20-months-old and still nursing. Not only is nursing still going well but we are all healthier as a family thanks to resources they have shared. Being their client has been life changing for me and I am so grateful. It is amazing to me what a wonderful impact these three ladies are making. Keep up the wonderful work!

    Tyler Zimmerer

    I saw Mellanie Sheppard Ibclc and Kara Rosales Ibclc when my daughter was 4 months old, we never had any issues until this point and Kara was very sweet when I called her in tears telling her what was going on. I was young, and uneducated and had no idea what to do. I saw Mellanie shortly after and we realized my daughter had a lip/tongue tie. We got it fixed and I continued to go to the Tuesday night moms group and they were amazing! It was nice to get out of the house and talk to moms going through the same thing, understanding your struggles and frustrations and just having adult communication. They both taught me a ton and I've made some amazing friends from this group. I'm so thankful for them and all their help with my nursing relationship with my daughter! We are expecting our second a little boy in December and I can't wait to start seeing them again and going to the Tuesday night meetings! I recommend them to anyone that asks or needs help with breastfeeding! I can't thank these ladies enough for everything they've done for us!

    Lizeth Roberts

    At birth, my baby wouldn't latch so I was given a nipple shield, no other explanations. At 6 weeks my baby girl who was born 5 lbs 9 oz lost quite a bit of weight but did gain a few ounces at a visit. Her pediatrician assured us all was fine and to stop worrying. I knew something was wrong. A friend refered me to Deirdre Goodman Cannon Ibclc who quickly diagnosed tongue and lip tie. After revisions, baby started eating and gaining weight, we soon weaned off nipple shield. If it had not been for Deirdre I wouldn't have been able to know what the problem was to fix to continue breastfeeding. She continued to help by giving advice on pumping at work and raising milk supply. Thank you for helping us to continue breastfeeding and giving my baby and me so many sweet memorable moments.

    Rachel Thomasson-Hunter

    Without the continuous support, knowledge and encouragement that I have received from Deirdre Goodman Cannon Ibclc I would certainly have stopped breastfeeding by now. I have met with her twice in person and have reached out to her on numerous other occasions and she has always gone above and beyond in helping me find a solution that works for me and my baby. She got me through some really dark days (tongue tie, mastitis, dairy intolerance, etc) and has helped me not only to continue breastfeeding but to do so with confidence. I'll cherish these moments with my baby boy forever.

    K. Soward

    My experience breastfeeding my first child was, to say the least, less than ideal. Even with all my dedication and determination, I was told by the lactation consultant at the hospital . . . “maybe you shouldn’t breastfeed.” After 6 weeks, 3 plugged ducts and a round of mastitis I decided to use a breast pump and feed my daughter bottles of pumped milk until she was a year old. In the beginning, it was frustrating, stressful and exhausting. Eventually, I got into a routine and everything worked out in the end. But, I was never able to experience the joy (or convenience) of actually breastfeeding. So, in preparation for the birth of my second child I began researching lactation consultants online. Though I didn’t realize it at the time, a few strokes of the keyboard and a phone call to Mellanie Shepphard and my prayers were answered. Mellanie is not only patient, knowledgeable and understanding, but she is also incredibly passionate about her profession. I truly appreciated her manner and approach as breastfeeding can be emotional and very personal. I will be forever grateful to Mellanie for teaching me and my baby how to work together to develop a healthy, happy breastfeeding relationship.

    Randi and Cristian Campuzano

    I thank you so much for what you do. I was so confused and unsure of myself and my milk in that 1st week after Cristian was born. If it wouldn't have been for your home visit we would have surely given up breastfeeding. I am also very thankful for the weekly meetings you hold. I met some great mommies there. It was so reassuring to hear that what I was going thru was normal and that others had experienced it too. I seriously doubt we would have nursed to almost 3 without all of your help and support. Keep up the great work!

    T. Heinz

    This group (and Mellanie in particular) gave me instruction when I was really lost and most of all made me feel good about my efforts...I found real support and hope here. Thank You!

    Michelle Mulbach

    When my son was about 2 months old, he stopped gaining weight adequately. I contacted Deirdre with For Babies' Sake and we figured out it was his latch due to severe congestion. The incorrect latch caused my milk supply to drop. With a lot of support and advice from Deirdre, Mellanie, and all the FBS mommies, I was able to get my supply back up and adequately feed my baby. My now 7 month old is still nursing happily away. THANK YOU For Babies' Sake!!!

    Shelley Hurtado

    My pediatrician said my 4 month old wasn't gaining enough weight. She said formula was the answer and sent me home with samples. Deirdre gave me breastfeeding advice that worked and even more importantly she gave me the confidence in knowing that I am the one who knows what's best for my child.

    Lori Seimer

    To make a very long story short, Deirdre Cannon saved my breastfeeding relationship with my first child! Although I had attended LLL meetings prior to giving birth, I did not have a lot of additional support. My mother never breastfed me or my siblings, and I was the first of my circle of friends to become pregnant. When my daughter was born, she had some difficulty with latch. The LC at the hospital where I delivered was NOWHERE to be found! My baby was quickly losing weight and becoming more jaundiced. After receiving some bad advice from our pediatrician, I found myself trying to nurse a baby who just would not latch. At all. Through my tears, I contacted Deirdre. She listened to me, guided me, and helped me get my baby back onto the breast. She provided me the encouragement and support I needed, when all I wanted to do was give up. Over the next few weeks, she called to follow up with me and answered all of the questions I had. With her help, I successfully nursed my daughter using a nipple shield and eventually (after 4 months) was able to get her back to the breast. I am forever grateful to Deirdre for her kind words, support, encouragement, and information during those difficult months. I went on to nurse my daughter for two years, and had two other children; one of which nursed for 2 1/2 years and the other is seven months old and still nursing!

    Lauren McMurrey

    Thank you Deirdre for your help with our latch issues. Before your visit, bf'ing was so painful that I was ready to throw in the towel with my six week old. I didn't even know she was latching improperly. I just thought bf'ing was something I'd have to suffer through. Because of your advice, we have successfully been without the nipple shield and latching wonderfully since. My girl is now sixteen weeks old and thriving. I really enjoy our time bf'ing together. I'm actually doing it while I write this. Thank you so much for your help!

    Celeste Clark

    I'm so glad and proud to say that I am an alumni of FBS. Without their knowledge and encouragement, I honestly don't think I would've nursed my twin boys for as long as I have. I also loved the camaraderie. I met some of the most awesome women and I truly cherish their friendship now.

    Anna Hope

    I am so glad that a neighbor of mine introduced me to the For Babies' Sake group. If it wasn't for her or the group I probably would have quit nursing my son before he was two months old. I wanted to nurse him until he was 6 months old, however with the group and the women there I went beyond 6 months and even beyond one year. I am proud to tell other new mommies it is possible with the help of great friends and For Babies Sake. I knew that breastmilk was best for my baby, and I wanted to give him the best.

    Lindsay Wiggins

    For Babies' Sake helped me by providing me with encouragement and knowledge that I needed to be able to breastfeed my twin babies. With out you all there is no way I would have been able to nurse Gage and Claire for this long!

    Gina Hunter

    I am proud and honored to say that I attended the very first FBS group in 2004. I was a new mommy and knew very little about breastfeeding. I did know that I wanted to attempt it, but didn't know if I was capable. However, with the loving support and valuable information from Mellanie and the other moms, I breastfed my first child for 15 months and my second child for 18 months. My two girls are now 7 and 4 years old and are healthy and smart! New mommies need to be able to see other moms nursing their babies at all different ages (newborn to toddler) so they can see how normal it is and know what to expect. This group was a blessing from God and I recommend every new mom come to this group or find one just like it.

    Casey Custer

    When I went to my first For Babies' Sake meeting, my son was three months old, and we had been supplementing since week 5, due to his losing weight. I had already talked to everyone I knew to talk to and found very little help. With my supply close to gone, I cried & Mellanie & Deirdre cried with me. Mellanie suggested I have my prolactin levels checked. Mine were a 7 when they should have been around 50! A medication that can help with supply was suggested and after getting the medication, my supply went up! Although we still have to supplement, I'm still able to nurse! He's now 9 months old - what a blessing FBS has been through expert advice, through donated breastmilk to limit the formula I have to use, through camaraderie of other mothers, through friendships made - a blessing indeed. Thank God!